15 Great Blogs, Podcasts and Youtube Channels for Nurse Practitioners in 2020

It can be hard to decide on a great nurse practitioner blog, podcast or YouTube channel today, as there are hundreds of them out there, but we wanted to create a curated list of the best ones for this year.


At NPHub, we believe in honest and integral education. However, we also believe in having fun. Today we want to bring you 5 nurse practitioner blogs, 5 podcasts and 5 YouTube channels that you can watch to better yourself and have a good time.


They all offer something unique for NP students and other types of healthcare professionals. Let’s dive right in!




Some people say that blogging is on its way out, that podcasts and YouTube channels have taken the spotlight. However, we believe that reading an article can be a gratifying experience in and of itself.


Many people still feel more comfortable with a good ol’ block of text, so here are five NP blogs that you should definitely check out as a student or professional.



1. Nurse.org (blog)


Some nurses still don’t know that nurse.org is a thing. They might have visited the website for career advice or educational resources, but they probably haven’t stopped to check out their articles. That is nuts! Their website is constantly updated with news and stories that are extremely relevant for anyone looking for a great nurse practitioner blog.


2. Yoga Nurse


Annette Tersigni runs a very unique health-related blog that aligns the profession with yoga and wellness. This blog is still being updated today with resources that aim to make nurses’ lives better through this ancient practice.


The blog features very interesting entries with a positive outlook on life. Nurses need a stress-free environment now more than ever, so check this out if you want to learn how to balance your career and your own well-being.



3. Off The Charts


This blog is curated by the American Journal of Nursing. It doesn’t look like much at first sight, but don’t be fooled: it has a very large following.

The American Journal of Nursing is one of the resources you should pay attention to if you want to stay on top of what’s happening in the nursing world. Checking out this blog regularly is a great first step.


4. FreshRN


Kati Kleber is an experienced nurse that’s looking to answer every question a nurse might have about their professional journey. Her nurse practitioner blog (which also includes a very interesting podcast) focuses on topics that you might not have considered before, but that will definitely help you be a better nurse.


Constantly updated and full of variety, FreshRN is a fun option for nurse practitioners that are looking to read something that’s thought-provoking.


5. The Nerdy Nurse


Brittney Wilson is an RN with a quirky, lighthearted nurse practitioner blog that focuses on the nerdier side of the nursing profession. Her blog posts are filled with curious, entertaining pieces of knowledge from all over the nursing world.


You should definitely check this out if you’re looking to get some laughs while learning something new. You can also find lots of advice on tech, products, and healthy living.




It’s hard to recommend only 5 podcasts. There are a lot of great speakers out there creating amazing content for everyone. However, the ones that we mention here are (mostly) short in duration, constantly updated, and not just informative, but fun as well!


1. The Nurse Practitioner Podcast


This is a major podcast from The Nurse Practitioner Journal that focuses on every aspect related to the profession. The entries are short, sweet, and pretty informative. You can listen to it on Google Podcasts or download the episodes directly on their website, no payment required.


This podcast should be your first option if you’re looking for content created specifically for NPs. From updated content on COVID-19 practices to discussion on specific diseases, you will definitely learn something useful from every episode.


2. Primary Care RAP


The Irresistible Primary Care RAP is one of the most played podcasts on the Hippo educational network. Their episodes focus on relevant Primary Care issues that are currently making headlines. They’re also pretty short, so you can listen to them and learn something new while you’re taking a break from work or school. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 


This podcast is compelling, well-researched, and useful. Well worth the subscription fee. Also, if you’re not interested in spending money at the moment, you can also enjoy many previous episodes for free. There’s one every month.


3. Good Nurse Bad Nurse


With more than 500,000 downloads, Good Nurse Bad Nurse is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting and compelling podcasts of the nursing world. Its host, Tina Vinsant (along with her various co-hosts) showcases one good and one bad case study on every episode.


We have to warn you that they are long (most of them are over 30 minutes), but they are not boring, at all! You can listen to them right on the website, but you’ll also find them on every conceivable platform. This podcast is perfect for long commutes and lazy days.


4. Nursing Uncensored


Adrianne Behning runs a very particular type of podcast for nurses. In here, you might find a different environment, a different vibe, if you will. Nothing is off-limits, and everything is relevant. You will navigate through the ups and downs of life as a nurse with a different outlook, sprinkled with NSFW language and dark humor. 


No other podcast discusses nursing, preceptorship, education, and daily life with such realness. The show has recently gone from monthly to weekly updates, which is amazing. You can listen to it right there on her website.


5. Nurse Keith


There aren’t many podcasts out there where male nurses get to take the lead, but nurse Keith has been in the business for more than twenty years now, and he’s not just a regular guy with a nurse practitioner blog. He’s also a seasoned career coach and writer who knows how to help people to live their best lives.


Join him while he interviews various leaders, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, with a podcast that’s updated many times during the week.


YouTube Channels


1. Chubbyemu


Bernard Hsu is a Clinical Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois. In his spare time, he makes videos under the name chubbyemu. On his channel you will find the weirdest, most interesting clinical cases that have surprised doctors around the United States and the world. 


We guarantee you won’t see certain household products or medications in the same way ever again. Chubbyemu has amassed almost a million and a half subscribers already, and the numbers keep growing everyday. You’ll find out exactly why after watching a couple of his videos.


2. Nurse Blake


Sometimes you just need a laugh. And sometimes you really need to just laugh at yourself and your career (in a healthy, positive way, of course). Nurse Blake is the king of funny nursing videos. He parodies every aspect of the profession, but he also runs a very honest vlog of his experience.


His channel can seem a little bit small (at the moment) with only 100,000 subscribers. However, when it comes to YouTube nurses, he’s one of the most famous ones.


3. RegisteredNurseRN


This channel is on its way to amassing a million subscribers, and we believe it is safe to say that most of them will be nurses or nursing students. The videos are short, informative, and very relevant. They include everything you need to know about lectures, career development, nursing skills, the NCLEX, and more. 


If you’re looking to binge watch a few YouTube videos in your spare time (and educate yourself as a nurse in the process), this channel should be at the top of your list, no doubt.



4. MEDCram


This channel has great information to support your journey of becoming a great healthcare professional. Roger Seheult, MD explains medical concepts and case studies in a concise way, helping thousands of people expand their medical vocabulary and overall knowledge.


Right now, he’s doing constant video updates on the coronavirus pandemic, encouraging healthcare professionals around the United States to learn more about the disease and what people are doing to stop it. You just can’t go wrong with any MEDCram video.


5. The Nurse Nook


Alexis Nicole has a very interesting and cozy vlog detailing her life as a nurse. This YouTube channel is perfect for nurses who want to get tips on how to improve every aspect of their daily lives. Studying, getting ready for tests, morning routines, well-being… She talks about everything you need to know to become a better nurse and a better person. 


Her channel is so relatable and fun to watch that she has more than ten million views already. You’ll surely find yourself saying “hey, I’ve been there too!” when watching one of her videos.




We believe that we compiled enough information here to keep you occupied during these social distancing times.

As a bonus, how about checking out other articles here, on our very own NPHub blog? How about taking a peek at our own YouTube Channel?

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