NPHub’s Refund Policy: FAQs About Cancelling Your Rotation

Most of our NP students can complete their rotations without issue, but there’s always a chance that something goes wrong. When this happens, they might ask for a refund. At NPHub, we’re not afraid of refunds. We like to think that we handle things differently from other companies. Our main priority is to provide NP students with a place for them to feel safe, to feel like they have a voice.


So, you have to cancel your rotation, where do you start?


The business of connecting NP students with preceptors can be very tricky (especially with COVID-19). Sometimes there’s a last-minute issue that prevents the student from completing their rotation. Sometimes the student makes the deposit and then finds out that there’s a certain limitation. NPHub’s mission is to help both the student and the preceptor in every single case. 


If you’re reading this article, you might have thought about cancelling your rotation. Where do you start? How do you know if you’re eligible for a refund? Here we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions students have when they want to cancel a rotation with us:


How do I ask for a cancellation?


Very easily. You should have a profile on our website, and that’s the first place you have to visit. Click on the cancellation button in your student dashboard to begin the process. Before we talk about refunds, you should take this step so we can see what’s going on.


Does NPHub issue full refunds for students?


We do! But only if we couldn’t provide you with the required paperwork to begin your rotation. We also issue full refunds if the preceptor suddenly can’t take you as a student (once they accept you). All you have to do is let us know what happened. You can send us an email at [email protected] or contact your student coordinator directly. 


Please note that, according to our policies, the service fee is the only non-refundable one and it represents approximately the 3% of the invoiced amount.


What happens if my preceptor cancels the rotation after it started?


We will work with you to find another preceptor, free of charge. We can also give you a refund if this happens, but you can be sure that we will try our best to find you another clinical site. Even though this kind of situation is not very common, we’re always prepared for it. Don’t worry!


What happens if I want to cancel my rotation and I already received the signed paperwork?


Sometimes students have an issue that doesn’t let them complete their rotation. In this particular case, there are two conditions that you should take into consideration before asking for a refund.


  1. Asking for a refund more than 60 days prior to the starting date


In this case, your clinical rotation placement fees are refundable to up to 50%. These fees include the total rate that you need to pay NPHub, except for the non-refundable service fee. When we say “60 days,” we are referring to calendar days, not business days, which means that weekends and holidays are also included in this period.

If you haven’t paid your balance when you request a cancellation (and a refund) from NPHub, you will still be responsible for 50% of your clinical rotation placement fees.


  1. Asking for a refund less than 60 days prior to the starting date


In this case, the clinical rotation placement fees are non-refundable. If you haven’t paid your balance to NPHub during this period, you will be responsible for paying all (that is a 100%) of the billed invoice. Again, these 60 days are counted as calendar days, not business days.


I just started my rotation but now I want to cancel, what do I do?


If you are just getting started but something happened, you need to let us know within 24 hours of starting your rotation. We can issue a refund if you want to, but we will offer to work with you ASAP to find another clinical site. This policy also applies to preceptors. They have to let us know if something is wrong in the first 24 hours after the start of the rotation.


If you experience any issues after the first 24 hours have passed, we will help you find another preceptor.


You have to consider that, if we find you a new site, there will be a delay because we’ll have to work out a last-minute placement for you. This delay will happen even if you find a new preceptor through our site, which happens very often, and will also happen if the preceptor has a last-minute conflict with the rotation.


How much time will pass until I get my refund?


We can’t answer this in all certainty. Even though your situation might be similar to other students’, we still need to do a thorough internal review before we give you your money back. We can assure you, however, that we take cancellation requests very seriously, and we work hard to refund every student that requests it in a timely fashion.


Be sure to ask for cancellation only if you’re completely sure that you meet the requirements. We’re always here to help and we will issue a refund if you really need it. Just let us know!




For more information, always remember to ask your student coordinator or email us directly at [email protected]

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